What’s it like to join a fast-moving startup?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

When you join a startup in a new industry, it is very confusing. Jargons and a lot of new information are sent your way. From day one you have to hit the ground running because the foundation of things needs to be created and executed. What truly set Assurekit apart from any other company, for me, was that while all those things were thrown at me, they were also explained to me.


From day 1 the motto of “No questions are stupid” was established and meetings were set up with different departments to give me an idea about the industry and the company While the path was still getting created, there was a clear understanding of the goal.


Joining a fast-moving startup means you have to be ready to learn and execute on the fly, you should be able to keep up with the growth and come through on your work. It also means that you have a team to work with and to grow with. You can share your learnings with them.


For Assurekit, the understanding and the speed partly come from the fall quickly and learn quickly approach in the entire company. A common ideology is – Do less but do what you are doing exceptionally well. The top execs are always willing to throw things out of the window and start afresh if it means going in the right direction. There is a hunger for growth in the team that pushes everyone further ahead.


We are finally starting to meet more often in the office after the pandemic and it is wonderful to see the company grow in front of me. During a pandemic, I found a place that truly cares for its people.


 Sakshi Bhatia


About Assurekit


Assurekit is built with a clear focus to take insurance distribution in India to the next level by simplifying it for all. We have built India’s 1st insurance gateway to easily integrate insurance with your business. Join the wait to learn more!

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