What is life like at Assurekit? Lead designer Milan Roy shares his thoughts.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

You were one of the first few that joined Assurekit, let’s start with, what does your role entail and What is your day-to-day like?



Yes, I was one of the first few to join here, it’s interesting when you put it like that. Looking back so much has happened in so little time. My role is that I am the lead designer, which means I am responsible for the design of the product and the brand.


My day starts with the daily standup with my team. I make a to-do list of priorities for the day and start brainstorming ideas as per the design sprint schedule. Every project is different but majorly we start all new projects with an internal research and then move on to prototyping. After that we do the user testing, prototype again and then document it.


What drew you to work at assurekit?



When I joined Assurekit I was probably the 3rd or 4th employee to join in. It was in the older office that I spoke with Adarsh for the first time. It took me some time to understand the concept as I wasn’t a part of this industry. After taking some time and speaking to a few people that I knew from this space I understood the product and the need. I had seen the previous company I worked with face a similar problem so I understood the struggle.


That was when I spoke with Adarsh again. I understood that they are really on to something here. It excited me to be challenged and be a part of something so new. Adarsh had already seen my work, we had a few rounds of discussions and then I joined in.


What do you like doing during your time off?


I love cooking! I cook for my family and friends. I also love riding my bike outside the city, though I don’t get to do that a lot.

Also, I enjoy scrolling through Medium.com for interesting UX articles, Quora for an interesting read and sometimes I also answer. I  scroll through Dribble for the latest trends and cool UI & Interactions.



What do you enjoy most about designing?


I love UX and UI designing. I believe a good product design is a compilation of good UX, UI motions and interactions. I love how it combines science and art together. So while it is subjective, there are principles that govern the entire process and the design. I love those times when there is a challenge that requires some level of problem-solving and brainstorming.



However, one of my favourite parts of designing, for me, is going through design validation and learning from my mistakes. It’s really interesting because I can then apply my skills in the next iteration. That is my experience.



I’ve enjoyed watching Assurekit grow in these past few months. There has been growth on all sides of the company, from the people here to the product, to the first users. It’s been exciting to be a part of this and watch things grow from the ground. Very satisfying.



About Assurekit


Assurekit is built with a clear focus to take insurance distribution in India to the next level by simplifying it for all. We have built India’s 1st insurance gateway to easily integrate insurance with your business. Join the waitlist to learn more!

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