What is it like to work at Assurekit? Our new CBO Abhinav Gujral shares his candid thoughts.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Last quarter, Assurekit welcomed Abhinav Gujral as Assurekit’s Chief business officer.

Since his arrival at Assurekit, we not only have strengthened our insurer relationships but are also on the way to launching with clients.

Abhinav has been in the insurance industry for more than 19 Years+. Within the Insurance Industry, he has had multiple experiences of working with an Insurer, Multinational Insurance Brokers, and an Insurance Third Party Administrator. This covers the whole spectrum of insurance Distribution.

We sat down with him to understand what it has been like to join Assurekit and what did he expect when he was joining a startup.

His answer was as witty and charming as him.

What is it like to work at Assurekit?

Abinvav:  In my 2 decades of being a part of the insurance industry, I thought I had done it all and seen it all, but I was pleasantly surprised when I joined Assurekit.

Before joining, I thought I was going to add value to them by bringing in my years of experience to the table. Yet after being around for just three months, I can confidently say that the opposite is happening.

I am getting to learn so much from a group of young energetic people, working passionately to disrupt the traditional ways of doing insurance business.

What’s common in the people here is their ability to think outside the box and the way they challenge traditional business methods. There is an underlying belief that “nothing is impossible.”

I have seen that people at Assurekit work because they want to, not because they have to. I believe that’s what makes Assurekit a wonderful place to work at. I am sure Assurekit will prove to become one of the fastest-growing Insurtech companies in India with the best work culture one can ask for.


We are glad to have Abhinav on the team. He brings his wise insights, witty people skills, and years of knowledge to the office for us to learn from. Temporarily on virtual calls now.

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