What does Abhijeet love about working at Assurekit?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Key Takeaways

  • In the literal sense, FinTech stands for financial technology. It means any and all technology that improves financial services.
  • It has multiple sub-sectors within it, from payments to lending, banking, infrastructure(API level solutions for KYC, infra, etc) and insurance as well.
  • InsurTech is the amalgamation of two words – insurance and technology. It often refers to using technology to improve customer experience, backed management and create further personalised products.


How different are they?


  • Different scope
  • Globally different, FinTech is dominant in India, while most InsurTechs are from the USA.
  • They solve for different things
  • Investments made in InsurTech vs FinTech
  • The road ahead

Abhijeet Gupta is our internal senior product manager aka the man that can make and break deadlines. Apart from being extraordinarily great on click up from day 1, he is also a meticulous planner.


If time permits he prefers to draw, paint or sketch something. Cooking is a very good stress-buster for him. Abhijeet has been a part of the Assurekit team for quite some time now and has truly been a team player.


While a charm to work with, his ability to plan and execute on those said plans are superior. His way of mastering new software and teaching others in a cohesive and complete manner has helped us adapt to new technologies quickly.


We, the marketing team, sat down with him to understand what it has been like to join Assurekit and to give us an overview of what it is like to work at Assurekit. Let’s see what he said – 


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”~ Michael Jordan


I believe that a team can only function well if each and every member is given enough freedom, respect, and a suitable culture. I was in search of a company that valued teamwork.


When I first interacted with the Leadership Team, (luckily I already had experience with multiple tech startups) I strongly felt that they were trying to find the perfect balance in the team by looking beyond one’s educational and professional experience.


This is precious, and at that moment, I made up my mind that AssureKit is going to be my 2nd home.


Transparency, Trust, Believe, Care, Compassion, Gratitude, Sharing, Rewards, and a regular dose of Fun + Wit. These are rare ingredients that help Assurekit build not just awesome products or a growing customer base, but also happy individuals who truly believe that

“The strength of a team is each member and the strength of the team is each member”. My team is challenging and pushing me to do great and give my 100% every single day. I couldn’t ask for more.

What pushes you ahead in your everyday life?



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