Joining Assurekit in a pandemic for Suman our SDE

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Suman joined the Assurekit team along with Avinash and Sunil.


He is part of our development team and is a software development engineer. When he is not working he enjoys painting and has a wide interest in palaeontology. It is the study of prehistoric species, using various physical, chemical and biological techniques.



Since day one, Suman has been a team player. He is dependable and comes through on his word. We are happy to have you here!


We discussed his transition to Assurekit and how it has been for him, personally. Let’s hear what he has to say.


Joining Assurekit in a pandemic


The transition to a new corporate life during the pandemic was a concern, while a lot of people have gone through it I personally was not ready for it.


I was hesitant to get used to new people and new technologies to be used without even being introduced to them in person. I thought this was a challenge and while I was ready to face it, I was also nervous. However, becoming a part of Assurekit was truly a stepping stone in my career. It changed a lot of things for me, personally and professionally.


The opportunities provided to me were exactly what I needed, to grow in both experience and knowledge. My superiors understand the perfect balance of never being too held back or too lenient and readily help me when I need it.


The new systems, technologies and processes in place that scared me to move actually are the reason I am glad for the shift. This shift has helped me discover new things and try more. It has enabled me to learn by doing. While there is assistance from the team, there is also a level of ownership of the work you do. Due to that, I see a level of curiosity in the team that is infectious.


My team really helped me get accustomed to the new environment very very quickly and get better. It’s also lucky that each one of them individually has such a unique personality.


The work-life balance available to me is also a bonus. Giving me time to work on my weaknesses. This is an exceptional advantage for me. Which helps me and my team to take our skills to the next level.


It was a challenge to move but I am glad that it was Assurekit that I joined. I believe in the problem we are solving and the people who make my journey so much better.

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