An inside look at our Associate product manager’s day-to-day

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Let us introduce you to our Associate Product Manager at Assurekit – Abhisar Bhatnagar

Having a flair for understanding customer behaviour across various horizons of technology, he is undoubtedly the Technocrat of Assurekit. Since his arrival in January 2022, his tech-first approach to insurance and resilience has always stood out to the team.

We sat down with him to understand what has his union with Assurekit been like and what did he expect when he was joining a startup.

What does Assurekit do?

Assurekit creates the technology for insurance commerce, we seek to build an infrastructure that can facilitate the distribution of insurance for everyone.

What problem is Assurekit solving?

Today, there’s a distribution network for almost everything, for instance, Healthtech, Adtech and more.  However, for insurance, there’s nothing much out there. It is a complicated industry that requires years of knowledge. Our efforts are to tackle the challenge of insurance distribution in India and create a network on the insurance side.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As an Associate Product Manager, my day starts with looking up the pending tasks. Chiefly, I connect the dots between the business team and the development team. The business team approaches me with their requirements and I am responsible to translate them into technical English for the developers and finally, making sure they work on it. We also come up with features and requirements that we believe will add value to the products. While the sky is the limit for these things, my job is to plan and prioritize certain features that we believe will make the life of the users easier.

What is your favourite part of working at Assurekit?

In the past, I’ve worked with other companies and have had a few of my own as well, however, I have not seen a new startup focus on the company’s culture as much as at Assurekit. Every person that we onboard, is screened for a culture match. Which is just one example of how much every department head cares not just about their skills but how the person will interact with the team. I believe that the choices made for the early joiners, while everyone is skilful in their right, were also from the intention of creating a company with the right values and principles. This has created a wonderful mix of people from different backgrounds but with similar values and drive.

 What drove me to Assurekit was the start-up culture and Adarsh’s straightforward ideologies. He harbours a skill to connect the team and ensures that the whole process is end-to-end. While he has to manage multiple things, he still has a clear understanding of what is happening at the ground level.

Also, living up to its start-up nature, we frequently have a great time with pizza parties, paintball matches and more. All of this makes a world of difference in any company and in connecting the team as one.

What do you want from Assurekit for yourself?

Well, the core team of Assurekit has in itself, built an excellent product. Now, I plan to take it upon myself to make it better, with the aim to be the best and raise it to new heights.

Can you share a funny incident about your co-workers?

Definitely! There are plenty. E.g., On one April 1st, I was booking tickets for a trip and thought, “let’s make this day even better.” So, a few handy photo edits later, we had a rumour circulating that I had somehow gotten free tickets for a trip to Jaipur. 

For the next 5 hours, I had a spectacle of the entire QA and Development team trying to secure a free trip.

It was a truly successful day. 

According to you, what is the mission of Assurekit in the near future?

Our intention isn’t to be the only player but indeed, the best player in the insurance distribution game. I think it’s pretty achievable given our highly dedicated team of members. Be it the newest additions to the team or the oldest cornerstones, everyone here shares chemistry that ultimately gets the job done. 


Thank you Abhisar for joining us for a conversation. Working with Abhisar has been a learning experience, whether it is about adding an element of fun and laughs to a dull moment or the ease with which he has difficult conversations, as a team we truly have gotten to learn a lot from him. We look forward to seeing him implement his vast knowledge and exhibit Assurekit as the game changer in the Indian insurance industry.

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