Abhishek Shrivastava’s growth story at Assurekit

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

When I joined in as an SDE-1 developer I did not have any prior experience as a full stack developer. I just enjoyed doing it and had several personal projects to show for it. What’s interesting is that the team looked at those and took me under their wing. That too, without the work experience it would typically take.

Since then, I have seen how differently the people of Assurekit work and how the leaders lead the team. One small example is that the company is more work-oriented rather than time-oriented. This trickles down in several ways because your value to the company is based on how much work you finish not how much time you give to the company.

Which is very refreshing. I like that my work is what is valuable here.

I am grateful for the opportunity and the chance that I got to truly learn and build myself up. 

Abhijeet is a wonderful manager and when the time is right, he gives you the push to be better and grow. In the past year, I have grown several folds and Abhijeet has played a role in helping it happen.

Maddy is the person we all go to when anything doesn’t work. I know that if something is wrong, the first instinct in everyone is to figure out how to solve it. We support each other through it whenever possible. I personally believe that makes for an environment that allows for growth more than anything else.

Everyone at Assurekit helps each other grow and helps us understand ways in which we can improve ourselves.

We are solving really interesting problems and all of this is helping me grow. While there can be growing pains that will always be there, what is important to me and something that I haven’t seen in other places is that you are given the opportunity to grow. The leaders are amazing and they see my potential. I have complete faith that they are leading me to the place that I want to reach! What more can one ask for?

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